Waste Water and Water Treatment Plants and Components

We, at Urai, specialise in customised plants to suit industry specific requirements and end use of treated water.

Treated water can be used in gardening, toilet flushing etc.

We cater to a wide range of industries.

We offer latest technology plants using high quality parts. We offer MBBR, MBR, DAF etc.

Our after sale service is our unique selling point.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

•Effluent Treatment Plants

•Package Effluent Treatment Plants

•Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

•Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant

•Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

•Municipal Waste Treatment Plants

RO Treatment Plants


Ozone Technology for water purification

•Swimming Pools

•Mineral water Manufacturing

Chemicals for Water and Waste Water Treatment

Parts, Spares etc – Valves, Pumps, Blowers, Pipes, Biomedia, Sand Filter, Carbon Filter