Ozone is a very active form of oxygen. It is formed when oxygen is exposed to a high-energy field causing some oxygen molecules(O2) to break down to oxygen atoms(O). The oxygen atoms (O) then react with the oxygen molecules (O2) to form ozone (O3). Notice that this is a reversible reaction meaning that ozone can decompose back to oxygen.

Ozone, sometimes called “Activated Oxygen“, because Ozone (O3) is very unstable and likes to turn back to pure oxygen(O2), it can oxidize with all kinds of materials. The extra atom of oxygen destroys odour, virus, moulds and bacteria in addition to oxidizing pollutants. Ozone is possibly the greatest purification element we have available to deal with man-made pollutants. In fact, ozone is a much stronger oxidizer than other common disinfectants such as chlorine and hypochlorite. 

We provide a wide range of Ozone Technology Products. Our Products are CE certified.


  • Mineral Water Manufacturing – for water purification
  • Aquaculture/Poultry
  • STP/ETP plants
  • Laundry/Textile
  • Kitchen Exhausts
  • Hospitals


  • Air – Helps to eliminate all types of bacteria and odor from the room
  • Swimming Pools – drastically reduces use of chlorine, thereby eliminates all harmful effects of chlorine on human body
  • Vehicles – Useful for all car service stations/Garages/ Car showroom/Radio cabs/taxis/ Tourist vehicles as it helps sterilize and eliminate odors such as paint/polish/cigarette smoke/ spilt food etc.
  • Fruits and Vegetable washing – eliminates all types of harmful pesticides/bacteria from fruits and vegetables