About Us

Our Company’s motto is Total Customer Satisfaction and Timely Delivery. Customers’ trust is of prime importance to us which is why we have an ever growing customer base spread across various continents. Our Company delivers unique products in a timely manner to suit customers’ requirements. We also consolidate various items into 1 shipment.

History of Urai Impex Private Limited goes back to 1973, when an extremely experienced Electrical Engineer set up a manufacturing unit, which was the foremost company of this group. Within a short span of time, the Company had established itself as a major reliable manufacturer of Electrical Control Panels, Capacitors, and High and Medium Voltage Transformers.

In 1979, a second manufacturing unit was established which specialised in rubber items such as Industrial and Automotive V Belts, Transmission Belts, Conveyors, etc.

This Company also captured good market share, both Locally and Internationally. Having excelled in both local and international market operations, there was a need to enhance service levels to the International Business Community.

This led to the formation of URAI IMPEX, which was subsequently upgraded to the status of Private Limited Company, under the banner of URAI IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED.